Our Services

Our services include a comprehensive range of technical and administrative functions. We associate with other professional disciplines and companies to provide a complete engineering service.

Lex Engineering has broad experience in high voltage substation and transmission line work, ranging from 13.8kV to 287kV. We provide feasibility studies, system design, land right-of-way negotiations, detail design and installation contracts.

Our company has expertise in harmonic resonance analysis, harmonic filter design, and detuned power factor capacitor banks. Our work in this area includes the identification of harmonic conditions and equipment recommendations required to correct power system problems.

Our company has expertise in large motor protection and control, power generation, plant power distribution, control systems, and power monitoring for networks.

Using the latest protection relay technology and SCADA software in our designs gives our clients the ability to remotely monitor their power systems and quickly identify faults. This ensures operators can respond in a timely fashion, thereby fixing issues promptly and minimizing downtime.

Updated: July 16, 2010